Been meaning to write - part 2

Date: 3 January 2011
by Mommypixie

I owe an update from my previous post "Been meaning to write".

I meant to update it much earlier but with an active toddler, an approaching winter, attending new bible studies, virus and a relocation, your time and life is just not within your control.

So, the above is my excuse for being slack and below is my belated update. I have to warn you though, the below is a real quick update and some sentences will not be coherent.

Mid Oct SIN-PEK flight: After my horrendous experience with flying Isla.X at her 15 month, I decided to take the midnight flight. At least she would be sleeping for a few hours and I will have less hours of embarrassing moments. And so we did, we took the midnight flight.

The flight was very uneventful, much to my delight, but am sorely disappointed by
SIA's deteriorating service, which is not a topic in this post. Anyhow, we survived the flight.

On the day we arrived, we, meaning Isla.X and Mommypixie, spent the entire day sleeping and eating. Bliss.

Vomit attack: However, things went terribly wrong at midnight cos Isla.X woke up fussing and starting vomiting! Mommypixie had to clear away the bedsheets and changing Isla.X.

The following day, Isla.X was fed plain porridge and all was well and Mommypixie was very relieved. At night, Mommypixie fed Isla.X rice. Then she refused to eat more and wanted milk instead. While Mommypixie was kneeling down to get the water from the dispenser, Mommypixie felt a wet sensation at her shoulder and turned around and saw Isla.X's puke on the floor. She was close to Mommypixie and some of the puke ended up on my body. More cleaning and washing and dressing.

We figured it was the cold. The day we arrived in Beijing, the temperature suddenly dipped and perhaps Isla.X caught a cold when she was being carried from the taxi to the apartment in the early morning, which is a 3 mins walk. I believe the temperature was about 8 degrees Celsius and already that is really a 28 degrees' difference.

Keeping late nights: Taobao. And Mommypixie discovered Taobao, which is a online shopping platform in China with everything under the sun. There are thousands of sellers, maybe millions, selling everything conceivable. (like bubble machine, bubble wrap.)

And for each item, there are many more sellers selling them, and they could be located in different parts of China. Mommypixie had to do research and read product write ups, reviews and decide if the seller and product is authentic and that takes up an enormous amount of time.

Mommypixie spent ridiculous amount of time Taobaoing cos she had to get Isla.X's winter wardrobe ready. During the process, Mommypixie discovered some really really interesting shops for herself!! Alas! more time spent on Taobao getting clothes for herself!

Dramas. China started showing this Austrain show, Four Women and a funeral. See more info about the show here:

Grey's Anatomy. I'm probably the last person to watch this show. I am squimish when it comes to blood and surgery so I did not think I can handle the surgery scenes very well. That's why I have never watched it. Now that I have given birth, somehow it changes me in certain areas and this is one of it. I can.

Food blogs. I have a reference page for this one, It is a database of foodblog! I will click into the photos i like and will end up reading the blog to search for more recipes from the same blog. At any one time, I will have about 5 foodblogs opened at my computer and while waiting for a post to load, will begin clicking and selecting other entries from the next food blog to read.

After spending so much face time with the computer and the www, your mind is too active and i end up tossing and turning in bed. Some nights, I can't fall asleep and will wake up to bake instead.

Ended up sleeping after 2.30am each day for about 2 weeks. and Mommypixie became a walking zoombie.

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