Date: 28 December 2010
by Mommypixie

At 18 months, I would not think that there is a need to discuss diapers. We should have gotten this sorted out by the time Isla.X turned 1 month right?

I was wrong.

For one, the type and price of Huggies you can get are different in Beijing, Malaysia and Singapore.

Isla.X was using Huggies when she was in Malaysia and Mommypixie thought Huggies are all the same right? When we got to Beijing when Isla.X was 4 months old, Mommypixie realised that Huggies was made differently. There wasn't Huggies Ultra, the purple packaging one, and no Huggies Dry Comfort, the red packaging ones.

My ayi in Beijing also commented that the Huggies I got from Malaysia are too thick for a lady..hahahaha...and recommended Pampers, the yellow packaging ones.

So Mommypixie switched to Pampers, yellow packaging and supplement with whatever Huggies is available. By the way, the Huggies in Beijing are much thinner than the ones you find in Malaysia.

Then the diapers could no longer hold Isla.X's pee at night, which is a major deal cos the stained clothes and bed will turn icy cold at night. Mommy S in Beijing suggested getting Pampers yellow packaging, but up the size to L, so that it can hold more pee, and gave me some to try. It worked and thus Isla.X was upgraded to size L at night.

Mommypixie also tried out Goon, which worked beautifully. But since Goon is higher priced, it was only used for bedtime or when we are out. This arrangement plus some cloth diapering saw us through many months.

54+2 pieces of premium brand diapers ago, Mommypixie wanted to order Goon again but the correct sizes were out of stock at Lijiababy! Even the higher priced Goon with Vitamin E was sold out and Mommypixie simply refused to buy it off at the upscale supermaket located just across where we stay. She had did so too many times and only realised recently that the prices were such rip offs. So Mommypixie ordered Kao Merries instead, which is slightly more ex than Goon.

When Kao Merries 54+2 pieces arrived, Mommypixie fell in love with it. It was so soft and so thin, and so absorbent and so dry!

Kao Merries, worth the penny

When that ran out, Mommypixie ordered Goon and alternate between Huggies and Goon. And just before we returned to Malaysia, Mommypixie ordered the Kao Merries again.

And Isla.X could tell a difference too. For the past few days, she would lie down still on the bed to let me change her when Kao Merries are used.

Now Mommypixie is in a fix. There is a pack of Malaysian Huggies Dry Comfort sitting at home and am wondering if Isla.X would let Mommypixie put that on.

Mommypixie may just let Isla.X wear thick Huggies and reserve the Kao Merries for bedtime real soon, or get her potty trained.

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