May Day! May Day!

Date: 27 December 2010
by Mommiesaurus

Sorry haven't been updating... Babysaurus has been busy traveling in the month of December and Mommiesaurus feels like she needs a holiday from the "holiday" with Babysaurus. 

So here's a quick post. Babysaurus is starting to pull up by holding onto the railings of her cot... aiyo! see picture... here she in a kneeling position trying to figure out the balance and to put weight onto her feet. With some help, she actually manages to pull herself up to a standing position although she's not worked out how to balance on her feet. And Mommiesaurus' wrist is really feeling the strain from all keeping her upstanding... Daddysaurus has now lowered her cot another notch.

Other updates: she's now crawling forwards! And starting to crawl towards Bubbles, the doggie in the house. Bubbles is not liking it that her space is getting invaded by this small little shrieking human being.

Will update more soon!

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