Been meaning to write

Date: 29 October 2010
by Mommypixie

Yes, there is so much to update.

Flying back home, weather turning cold, making a mad rush to get Isla.X's wardrobe ready, settling into a new routine.... and then Isla.X caught a cold.... plus just this evening, I got pickpocketed.

The uneventful flight back home did nothing to prepare me for all the activities that I faced in the past two weeks and the pickpocketing episode really jolted me back to reality.

I had better get my life back in order.

Will explain how and why my life has turned topsy turvy when I am better rested.


  1. Hi Mommypixie, you never told us why life turned topsy turvy after this blog post.

  2. will do so soon!! thanks for following.


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