Losing Control

Date: 22 October 2010
by Mommiesaurus

Ever felt like you were losing control over your body? I hear aye's all round as you recall that conversation you had with your thighs telling them to shape up and grow longer, instead of sideways?

I guess having little control over one's body is experienced by all walks of life but I've never felt less in control of my body that now, 6 months post partum with Babysaurus.

The boobs
What?! Am now 2 cup sizes bigger than before I was ever pregnant? They've become Boobysaurus! How is that possible? But it is, as I was just out shopping for bras... again! Have not bought so many different sized bras in such a short span of time in my entire life. New bras were needed when pregnancy set. Then in the third trimester, I also bought a couple of nursing bras just to have them ready for use after delivery. No - they were not the right size when milk came in. Yes - bought more new nursing bras about a week after delivery. And, just went to get some normal bras, just because sometimes it's nicer to wear non-nursing bras, eg., like going to the office or going out for a nice dinner (happened once so far).

Mind you, I don't have a thing for bra shopping, okay. And heck, they are definitely not anything you would see on any of Victoria Secret's shows lar - falls off their scale of boring and unexciting-ness. Apparently, am right on track in terms of how the boobies are changing, according to some information from Bravado Designs.

The feet
Sigh, my nice shoes - they all don't fit anymore. Almost 6 months post-delivery, while am still hoping that the old shoes would fit (now I know how Cinderella's step sisters feel), my single pair of open toed shoes are starting to looking a little (actually, a lot la) worn. If my grandfather saw them, he would've asked if I had no money to go buy new shoes. So after the bra shopping, think I may have to start getting some new shoes so that I can look a bit more decent and less like a maid when I go out with Daddysaurus and Babysaurus.

The hair
It's still falling out. When is it going to stop? Seems like Babysaurus' hair has stopped falling out so much and she's actually started growing a new crop of hair. It looks really cute, she's got that fresh crop plus some stray strands that are long like lalang which survived from when she was born. Back to my hair... still falling out and still coarse-like in texture. Can't do much with it and have it up most of the time anyway because Babysaurus pulls at them when it's down. Adds to the maid-like look.

So... others may be able to have some sort of control over their body issues by changing their diet and/or starting an exercise regime, that's not gonna help me in any way with any of the above. boo!

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