@ 15 months

Date: 20 September 2010
by Mommypixie

Not enjoying myself most times at her 15 months mark.

It all started wrong on our flight back to sgp. She was difficult for the first time on the plane. I had received compliments from fellow passengers about how good she is on the flight for all the previous five flights. This time round, they only have eyes of sympathy for me.

On the plane, she refused to sleep even though she was tired and had to tell that to me by screaming her head off. It was much harder to keep her entertained. Plus mommy wanted to watch the movie 'Letters to Juliet' so did not pay full attention to her some of the time. At one stage, I even let her cry alone along the aisle. She rewarded my daring decision by flipping and raised her voice to a higher octave. When she calmed down a little, I tried to carry her back, only to find her left leg stuck under a seat.

This month also saw her slipping, falling and knocking on a daily basis and sometimes more than a fall per day. Just yesterday, she had two falls (she landed on her head for the 1st evening fall and then fell on her buttocks in her 2nd) in less than 30 mins at night as she was tired and legs were weak. (I lost count and can't remember if she fell or knocked herself during the day)

She was hard to control and talked to during dinner last night too. Did not eat her normal portions and wanted to gain control of the bowl, flipping it twice with might, sending the noodles flying out and have mommy wiping them away on the table and floor, effectively burning the calories even before the dinner has time to be deposited as fats.

Diaper changing is just as taxing. She prefers cloth diapering. She would kick and be uncooperative if I try to put on a disposable diaper but stay quite motionless if the muslim clothes are out.

Ending bath time is also a challenge. Despite telling her way in advance that shower is going to end and that mommy will be drying her soon, when the time comes, she would start whining and proceed to full blown protest when I carry her away from the shower area. I have to muster up all my might to ensure she is safely in my arms while she flinches, and squirms and throws her head to the back. Arh...just like Fidgety the Fish, the bedtime story I read to her.

Well, she is quite cute in other ways. I will leave that to the some other posts.

Reading what I have just typed relive the events and made me really tired.

It is mentally and physically tiring.

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