Warm but not quite fuzzy

Date: 19 September 2010
by Mommiesaurus

Every morning, babysaurus gets a bath to start off her day. When she was about 2 months old, we started putting her on the potty just before her bath to get her to do her shi shi and poo poo business.

She's been quite consistent on the potty so far, doing her poo poo sessions and finishing up with a shishi. And once she's done it in the potty, it's pretty safe to wash her hair without getting peed or pooed on.

The last week however, she's decided that she doesn't need to go pee pee in the potty. So after her bath, we proceed to do her routine moisturising / massage sessions. Rolled her onto her tummy as she's lying in between my legs, started massaging her back and then I start to feel a warm sensation where I would do my shishi. I look down and yes! Babysaurus has decided to treat mommy to a warm morning call. Twice now this has happened. how nice and warm!

On a similar note, we took babysaurus to the hospital today to get checked out for her runny/blocked nose. As I sat her up on my lap for the doc, I feel a familiar warm sensation in between my legs (this is starting to sound baddddd). I was a bit surprised as she was fully dressed and wearing her diaper. Hubbie lifted her dress, and sure enough, the wet patch was just forming on my dress, going right through her diaper...! Not sure how, maybe I tore the side of the diaper a little when I was putting it on for her in the morning but it came right through onto my dress.

Aiyo! We're all packed and ready with babysaurus' spare change of clothes in her diaper bag everytime we go out - but does mommy need to start bringing a wardrobe change too!?

So.....  ended up walking around the ER looking like I've peed myself. Though one friend said to me - well it did all come from me... hehe... yes, so true!

Scene of the crime

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