Pigeon Bowl...again

Date: 22 November 2010
by Mommypixie

Remember how I had commented that prices in Singapore are half of Beijing's in this post

So imagine my surprise when I found out that the pigeon bowl, plate, fork and spoon travel set are sold cheaper in Beijing compared to Singapore! See photo below, right bottom. (it's RMB89, which is about S$18.50, for the whole set!). I don't usually remember prices but since it was recorded in this blog, I went back to the previous post to check the prices.

This info is from the Lijiababy brochure, see below pic.

In Beijing, you can just call up the company, tell customer care the product code of the stuff you want to buy, as indicated in the brouchure, and they will deliver free of charge to your home the next day. Very convenient, especially during winter.

I was then told by a more experienced mommy that Pigeon stuff are just cheaper here in Beijing. Even though they are made in Japan. Drats.

And she added that Avent stuff are more expensive in Beijing compared to Malaysia. (Drats!! I just bought some Avent stuff in Beijing!)

We do not know the logic, but, yes, if you happen to be in Beijing, get Pigeon.


  1. wow - how convenient, shopping by phone, don't even need internet access. dangerous too!

  2. Hi Alison! thanks for leaving a comment.

    Yes, it is very dangerous. But the good thing about this is, the items in the brouchure are not enticing enough. We usually shop this way to get the staple items, like replacement teats, diapers or some toys and books.

    Taobao is the dangerous one.


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