Grocery shopping in the morning

Date: 18 September 2010
by Mommypixie

Went to work today and stop by a NTUC supermarket located at a mrt station before turning up at the office. Something new.

Wanted to find some snacks for Isla.X.

The prices here are half of what I have to pay in Beijing. Sigh.

Total damage this morning:S$67.15, mainly because I bought:

- a Pigeon "All By Myself" Dish and Plate Set (S$22.90),

- a Pigeon "All by Myself" Spoon & Fork Set with Travel Case (S$10.90), and

- a Pigeon Baby Training Toothbrush, Lesson 2 (S$2.90).

And some organic healthy looking snacks. The criteria here is organic and low or zero sodium level. Didn't know they stock these products and proceeded to put back the regular cereals, coco puffs and crackers that I had initially selected.

Why did I buy the "All By Myself" sets?

I let her self feed in Beijing sometimes. Isla.X likes to self feed. When she is done with the food and there is still some food left, if I let her self feed, she will usually finish whatever's left in the bowl. She can do quite a good job using regular spoons and normal bowls. She would scoop the food, open her mouth WIDE then slowly and gingerly bring the spoon to her mouth and dump the contents. Sometimes I help by scooping the food onto her spoon to reduce the mess.

Back home in JB, we don't have high chairs and improvised by seating her on a plastic stool which is in turn placed on the regular chair. Since I have to be there to watch her to keep her from falling off, I felt that I might as well feed her since I am stuck there.

But yesterday she wasn't eating well. Perhaps she is not used to the new food offerings so I wanted to entice her to eat by letting her self feed this weekend. Although I did say she self feed quite well, I am looking at whether I can enhance her self-feeding experience, making it easier hopefully by using these well designed cutleries (effectiveness to be verified).

Let's see how her feeding goes this weekend.

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