Blogger profile: Mommypixie

Introducing our second blogger mommy - Mommypixie! A warm welcome to her - we look forward to reading about your adventures with baby Isla.X. Read her profile below:

Isla.X tries out Baby Art at 14 months.

Mommypixie, malaysian, is a semi sahm.

Currently based in Beijing, where her Singaporean husband works.

Gave birth to baby girl, Isla.X, in June 2009, naturally, happily, painlessly and quite effortlessly (with prayers, faith and epidural). Isla.X only saw the Daddy when she was one day old.

Mommypixie flies back to Singapore with Isla.X regularly as she is employee to a Singapore boutique corporate finance house. When Mommypixie clocks in her face time at work, Isla.X is cared for by her maternal grandparents in JB, a short distance from the sunny island set in the sea.

Isla.X is at the stage where she demands full attention from Mommypixie by whining and crying constantly. She also wants to maneuver the stairs by stepping up and down like an adult.

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