6.5 Months...

Date: 17 November 2010
by Mommiesaurus


okay okay... i know i know... will stop with the time flying by and all that jazz... we start to sound like our parents or the older folk saying things like, "my, how you have grown" and "when I saw you last, you were so little!".

But I understand where they are coming from now. Babies/kids grow up right before our eyes. Overnight, first teeth sprout, new skills are learnt. So what more, for those who haven't seen the child/children in question for a while.

Her weaning progress: she's started taking solids 2x a day now. And she seems to be sleeping better at night. I should correct that - she's sleeping longer and mommy gets to sleep better :). Except last night (there are always exceptions, rite?!). After her last feed at about 10.30pm, she kept rolling over in her cot and waking up. Until 12am, she kept waking up, in a good mood, babbling to herself and wanting to play. Luckily, she could be lulled back to sleep quite easily each time. But finally, the last time, at 12am, I carried her to sleep on our bed and let her sleep there for longer, instead of putting her immediately back in the cot. Ended up only putting her back in the cot at 2.30am. and she slept till almost 6am.

I digressed from her weaning update to how she slept last night. oops!

She had stewed pear for the first time this morning. Liked it! Kept smiling while having it. Unlike applesauce over the last couple of days.

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