Date: 15 November 2010
by Mommiesaurus

Not quite a bean la... Babysaurus has sprouted another tooth! Another front incisor in her bottom jaw right next to the earlier one. wow - so fast. Maid noticed it while she was screaming while we were out in the morning.

She's growing up so fast. Mommy can't help but lament feeling like she's not needed much anymore... unlike when Babysaurus was just a teeny newborn and all she wanted was to be attached to mommy... or more specifically, mommy's boobie.

Never really mentioned this before, but Babysaurus was born with an imperfection. She was born with a blocked tear duct (almost typed milk duct - whoops!) on her left eye. Everytime she tears, her left eye gets all crusty. Sometimes she wakes up and her left eye lid is stuck together like glue, cause of the dried tears. We've always had to clean it with some warm water during her bath times. The doc has advised us to continue massaging the side of her eye to dilate the tear duct and after about 6 months - it looks like it has finally cleared up!

She was screaming all the way home from her grandparents' house last nite in the car and when she got home, I noticed that her left eye was pretty clear despite all the tears that would've flowed. Instead, there was a big boogga in her left nostril! haha... hence I conclude that her left tear duct has opened up!

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