Colouring her poo....

Date: 22 November 2010
by Mommiesaurus

hehe.. I reckon that's what the weaning process should also be known as. For close to 6 months, Babysaurus' poo was a mustard yellow, a sure sign of a healthy breastfed digestive system, despite some incidences of green here and there. But mainly a liquidy, watery yellow - just like the kind made by Heinz. hehe... :P

Eversince we've started solids, her poo have taken on other hues.

Orange - pumpkin.

Green - avocado.

Purple - sweet potato.

You can really tell what she's had for the day when you peer into her potty. This is because she's still on single foods to clear foodstuff off the allergy list.

Yesterday though, she had sweet potato in the morning and then pumpkin later in the day. Sure enough, her poo started out purple and ended up orange! hahaha... here's the proof (warning! please do not scroll down if you are reading this while having your breakfast):

can you see the 2 colors?

Tomorrow's color - orange! Carrot....

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