Week begining 30 Jan 2011

Date: 11 February 2011
by Mommypixie

This is a bit of a backdated post that wasn't published till now. Better late than never, right? 

Tshirt as pants
Isla.X refused to believe that what she is wearing as pants is actually a T-shirt. She is now into learning how to wear pants on her own.
And the weird expression on her face...well, she doesn't know how to smile for the camera yet.

Bump on her head
See the bruise on her head?

On 29 or 30 Jan (can't remember now), while Mommypixie was in the kitchen washing dishes, the Daddy put her on the bed, which was pushed against the wall on one side. The moment she sat foot on the bed, according to the Daddy, she immediately leapt forward and launched herself to the wall, with the head banging flat against the wall.

By the time Mommypixie rushed to the bedroom, Isla.X's forehead had already formed the highest and ugliest and largest bump on bump that both the Daddy and Mommypixie had ever seen in their whole life! This caused a huge panic and phone calls to the Grandma and the Aunty.

Mommypixie was shouting to rush to the nearest clinic/hospital and the Daddy had the most worried and anxious look on the face and kept asking "How?"

After a few minutes of panic and much ado about nothing, the parents finally calmed down and managed to find some ointment and forcefully rubbed Isla.X's forehead.

Poor baby. Just half hour before she got this bruise, she had bumped herself on the forehead on the same wall!

Anyway, she was fine and 72 hours later, Mommypixie and the Daddy finally relaxed, felt and breathe better.

CNY 2011
Happy for her. She got quite a lot of angbaos! Mommypixie has not tallied the takings yet..hahaha...

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