Bumpity Bump

Date: 16 February 2011
by Mommiesaurus

Following from Mommypixie's post on Isla.X's bump on the head, Mommiesaurus felt she should share about Babysaurus' first bump as well. About 2 weeks ago, Babysaurus got her first bump from crawling towards the kitchen high table and trying to climb up the table leg. Having gained mobility and is now pretty good (or so she thinks anyways) with pulling herself up to stand, she was trying to do just that by pulling up at the kitchen table leg. And Babysaurus somehow slipped and Mommiesaurus wasn't quite in the right position to catch her, so her head took a little bit of a knock against the table leg.

And then shortly after, she developed what Mommypixie called the biggest and most nerve wrecking bump on the head! Babysaurus' wasn't quite bump on bump, but it was bump on mozzie bite, being the same spot where a mozzie had had its meal earlier on.

But Mommiesaurus didn't quite think too much of it, blaisely calling it "ho mou lau"in Cantonese, which translates to 'high rise condominium', as she was quite easily distracted from her crying after getting the bump.

Then the following day came, and it looked like the swelling was spreading downwards towards the nose bridge.... oh uh! alarm bells started ringing and Daddysaurus said maybe we had better get her checked out, in case it was something else, or something else was happening under the skin. y'know how when paranoia starts in your head, it doesn't quite know how to stop itself.

Anyhow, we took her to a paed's clinic that was near our home, instead of trekking all the way to the hospital to see her normal paed. The paed took one look at her and reassured us that it was normal, and even explained to us the different layers of the infant's skull by showing us a picture and basically that it was no reason for concerns. Phew! He said that it was also quite normal for the swelling to "move" (can't remember the correct medical term he used now) and as long as it resolved itself, she was fine. Sometimes, if the bump was around where the veins/blood vessels are quite superficial, ie, near the surface of the skin, babies could end up with what looks like a horrible bruise too!

(I tried to google for the same image that the doc showed us, but came across some horrifying images instead, so I stopped quite quickly after... so, sorry fellas, no images here).

So, my take away from this experience is that babies develop "high rise condos" quite easily.

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