Date: 17 February 2011
by Mommypixie

Was checking on the milestone chart for 19 to 24 months.

And noted these under the Advance Skills for a 24 month old: Begins to understand abstract concepts (eg sooner and later), Becomes attuned to gender differences, Learns to jump.

I am kind of surprised that 'jumping' falls under the 24th month mark and under an advanced skill because Isla.X has been jumping already. She has started jumping since ... like 1.5 months ago? I did not take notice because I thought it is something that she should know earlier than at 24 month.

Anyway, she is now 20 months and I am glad to know that she can perform all the tasks the milestone chart states under Mastered Skills up to 24 months (except I did not count whether she has a vocab of 50 to 70 words, which is a milestone for 23 months. probably not.)

I am very blessed to not having to worry about her milestone development.

But I was worried before. She flipped only towards end of 3rd or 4th month, sat at end of her 7th month, and barely crawled at end of 8th month and only starting sprouting very late 9th month.

Her weight is also at the 25th percentile, even though she has a ferocious appetite. Sidetracked.

Happy to learn that Isla.X is developmentally on track.

After note: I decided to count the number of words Isla.X knows. and stopped counting when I hit 105. Out of these 100+ words, she uses about 75 of them regularly. These 100+ words exclude expressions like:
- woh (when the car she's in makes a sharp turn),
- yee (when she sees someone sitting at a corner motionlessly whom she had missed the first time she walked pass),
- wah (when the Grandma wears something nice or when she sees a new toy), and
- oh oh (when she misplaces something and could not find it) and some others.

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