Date: 8 February 2011
by Mommypixie

Our shipment arrived last friday in Singapore and reached my in-law's place this evening. About 56 boxes.

Before you scream, that is 6 years worth of things we have accumulated and bought just before we left Beijing. And some of the boxes include Isla.X's high chair, which counted as a box. And Isla.X's potty, which is a box as well. So really, it isn't that much stuff.

Well, we left almost all of the boxes at in-law's place and brought back Isla.X's potty and high chair and some other stuff.

Isla.X was simply too happy to see her stuff! She went 'Mum mum' over and over again, as if telling me to assemble her high chair. I don't know how she knew that this thing is her high chair (see picture below) and remembers that the high chair is used for eating. (Mum mum to her is eating.)
The A shaped structure on the right was initially bubble wrapped with lots of yellow duct tape. I had removed the bubble wrap, wanting to assemble the high chair seeing how enthusiastic Isla.X was about the high chair, but decided against in the end.

Well, I don't want to assemble the high chair because I know she would insist on sitting on it once it is done, which is such a no no cos I still have to wipe high chair first. Instead, I took out her potty from the box and let her used it.

She happily sat on it and pee on it!! oh my. and she wanted to still pee on it after I poured away the content. I just ignored her. Then she was still bugging me while I was washing the potty.

When the potty is finally all cleaned up again, she sat and sat yet no pee came out.

So what did she do?

She asked for water.

And drank a sip in the kitchen, and ran to the potty which is in the living room and sat on it.

When no pee came, she asked for the water again.

I have to say, that is pretty good problem solving on her part. But, well, she is too impatient.

After 2 tries of sipping water and potty sitting and yet no pee, she gave up and ran towards the Daddy, who is assembling something else.

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