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Date: 24 January 2011
by Mommypixie

Last week, the Grandma told me, Isla.X said this today:"Ah Gong, chi fan le!" (literally, Ah Gong, eat rice le, meaning Grandpa, it's dinner time.) She took her initiative and said this when the Grandma had put all the dishes on the table.

I am pleasantly surprised and mighty glad that she is behaving and knows how to get into the right books. 

Yesterday, the Grandma showed me how Isla.X could wear her sandals without assistance. Apparently, Grandma had taught Isla.X how to wear her them by showing her how to wriggle her feet into the sandals. While Isla.X was wearing her sandals, she said, Jin qu, jin qu. (meaning, go in, go in).

Also yesterday, Isla.X said "Wan liao. Finished, all done." after she had finished her milk. (Wan liao literally means 'finished already').

Don't think I have mentioned this. I am the Mandarin speaking parent while the Daddy is the English speaking parent to her. I did not think that she picked up much English as the Daddy does not spend as much time with Isla.X as I do and even then, the Daddy sticks to really simple English.

So, I am intrigued that Isla.X could piece the words together and use both languages to convey her message.

Today, after returning from grocery shopping, she slipped out of her sandals, took one of it and flung it towards the gate and the Grandma started laughing and said:"She could not throw previously and I thought her how and when to release her grip and see...how far she can throw now!"

Isn't it great that you have someone other than yourself to teach your kids?

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