Mommy Abuse

Date: 23 January 2011
by Mommiesaurus

Is there a mommy abuse bureau? Mommysaurus wants to lodge a complaint.

No sleeping from the hours of 2.30-4.30am. Or rather you're only allowed to shut eye for 3 minutes before you have to open the covers to get out and pick up Babysaurus again.

Then you have to open your eyes at 7.15am to see Babysaurus already on her tummy, crawling towards Mommysaurus.

And then she bites Mommysaurus' arm three times!

Ok! ok! Mommysaurus gets it - she's saying "open up your coffee shop! I am thirsty!"

To add to the complaint case - she's already sprouted one top front incisor.... *rubs bite marks sorely on arm*

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