Date: 15 October 2010
by Mommiesaurus

She  rolled from her tummy to her back today! THREE TIMES! UNASSISTED! But no more repeat performance after that.... she's decided that she's gonna crawl now that she's rolled over from her tummy.... hahaha... Daddysaurus was not in time to catch this epic moment. So still waiting for her to do some rolling over here and there on her own. She does get frustrated after moving her arms and legs all over place and not getting anywhere.

Also, took out her new set of pj's that I bought when she was just a whee teeny little thing, at a little over a month old. It was a 6-9 month size set of long sleeved footed rompers. When I got home and took it out of its packaging, I thought they must've gotten the size wrong. The leg parts of the suit were so long that I thought Babysaurus would have to be at least a year old before she would be able to fit into the whole length of it!

Anyways, the romper still looked too long when I just placed it on Babysaurus. Nevertheless, we put it on for her after her evening bath and yes - it was still too long, but only just slightly! And it even looked a little bit too fitting at her upper thighs when the buttons were done up! Oh my! Babysaurus oh Babysaurus... where has my little baby gone?!

Haha... she does look a little bit more comfortable in it compared to the 3-6 month sizes. The smaller size looked like it was keeping her from being in a fully stretched out position as she grew.

Those have now gone into her clothing 'museum'.

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