Meeting the 1st bully

Date: 12 October 2010
by Mommypixie

Went to a bookstore and was just browsing.

Isla.X started to wander off and noticed a Jie Jie reading some books. Isla.X stood close to the Jie Jie and Jie Jie went to pick up Isla.X. Well, it is not safe but mommypixie saw that the Jie Jie seemed to know what she was doing so did nothing to stop the Jie Jie.

The Jie Jie then put Isla.X down and shoved Isla.X!! Yikes!!
Isla.X fell and lost her balance further and her head bumped onto the floor. YIKES!!

Mommypixie picked up the crying Isla.X and asked the Jie Jie why she pushed Isla.X. After a while, the Jie Jie's Mommy came over and asked what happened and the Jie Jie said Isla.X wanted to snatch her books. Mommypixie told the Jie Jie's Mommy that the Jie Jie pushed Isla.X and the Mommy asked the Jie Jie to apologise.

As the Jie Jie did not apologise, Mommypixie said,"It's okay, just don't do it again," with annoyance.

The Jie Jie after hearing what Mommypixie said, proceeded to apologise, but Mommypixie and Isla.X were already walking away.

After leaving the scene, Mommypixie wondered if she should have told the Mommy exactly what had happened, especially since the Jie Jie told an untruth about Isla.X wanting to snatch her books away.

Mommypixie also felt very guilty about letting the incident happen as she had assumed that the Jie Jie would be friendly, since it was the Jie Jie who went to carry her, which Mommypixie thought was a sign of affection.

Is it threatening for a 3 or 4 year old preschooler to have a 16 mths tot looking at her reading some books about 5 tot steps away?

Mommypixie will have to closer to her when Isla.X approaches older kids in the future.

But I will let her be on her own again when she is older.

When will that be?

Maybe when she has learn how to break a fall and how to protect her head.

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