1st day of 16 mths

Date: 10 October 2010
by Mommypixie

We went to Kluang for my cousin's wedding and Isla.X was a terror during the 1st half of it. She screamed when she couldn't get the things she wanted, which included an empty Jolly Shandy can (allowed her to play with it initially but then she started to drink from it and this posed a hazard cos the sharp edges might cut her lips), toothpicks, glasses, poking at the amplifier where the wires run (she might get electrocuted right?) and many other dangerous stuff.

So the next day, when she woke up, mommypixie went:"Isla.X, you were quite a handful last night, you were noisy and messy."

Isla.X looked at mommypixie thoughtfully and then she said:"Huai Dan" which means 'naughty' in mandarin.

mommypixie lost all her frustration and smiled and got really excited and then told EVERYONE Isla.X's developmental milestone.

Before today, all she did was to repeat after us the last two words (as we speak mandarin to her), or the usual requests like milk, eat, going out, door, banana, grapes...but on this day, she actually linked what I said to her and found an appropriate word to describe her inappropriate behaviour on the day before!

Having said all that, is it possible that she is already at her terrible twos @ 16 mths? I hope not.

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