Broken Pump!

Date: 19 October 2010
by Mommiesaurus

You know how I've been meaning to get a new breast shield for my pump since this post, I hadn't! And the breast shield gapped open this morning when I meant to pump. :( It started with slightly less suction when it was on the 1st stimulation phase. There was some let down so I pressed the let-down phase button on the pump. But no milk was coming out... Checked that the valve was connected properly (happened once before where there was no suction because the valve was not pressed in completely) but there was still no suction.


As I had anticipated, the joint where the soft part of the breast shield connects to the hard part had opened into a small hole, so air was escaping, thus preventing the suction from happening.

Crap! Crap! Crap!!!!!

Breast was full too, as it usually gets after sleeping through the night. Plan B - feed direct! Carried her from her cot to the bed.... whipped it out, but her mouth was clamped shut! She had already fed off the other full boob before I had tried to pump. What an unco-operative pump. :(

Okay, plan C then. Figured I may be able to use the breast shield from the Mini Electric pump to fit into the Swing (both Medela pumps) to use temporarily. Having taken it out, realised that the Mini Electric does not come with a detachable breast shield that can just be attached on to the Swing. Aiyo!

Ok ok, plan D! Will just use the Mini Electric to empty the boob first. OMG - I had totally taken for granted about how quiet the Swing was. The Mini Electric sounded like a mini lawnmower! So, I released Babysaurus from Daddysaurus' hold and then carried her back to her cot from the bed before trying it again. Nope - still mini lawnmower. My hairdryer was quieter than this pump.

Moved everything to the other room to pump. I had kinda drafted a blog post in my head when I first got the Swing (when Babysaurus was about 2 weeks old) to compare it to the Mini Electric, but never got round to it. No better time than now.

The Mini Electric, other than sounding like a mini lawnmower, was akin to those supped up Protons you meet once in a while on the road - very loud but doesn't get you very far very fast. Eventhough boob was full, the Mini Electric was barely getting any milk out. So loud - maybe milk ducts get scared and clamp up! It's also not as gentle on the boob like the Swing, actually it's downright harsh! The Swing also has the dual phase pump function. It starts off with the stimulation phase which are quicker suctions before going into a slower, longer suction phase when let-down happens. Was a bit doubtful when I first read it on the product description while still pregnant and hadn't yet started the breastfeeding journey. Now, I can honestly attest that babies do have 2 phases when feeding from the boob. And while the Swing is more gentle, it does pump out more milk and without hurting your boobies too, unlike the Mini Electric. Plus, I have to really press and massage the boob in all angles to get any milk out on the Mini Electric. Thinking back, this probably added to why I felt like such a cow in the first month of Babysaurus' life.

To cut it short, I only managed to get about 1oz out of the boob before giving up. Boob was slightly less engorged and will have to do until I get Babysaurus to go on it when she wakes up or till I go get the breastshield from the Medela office (need to check what time they open).

Btw, you have to get it from the Medela sales office (they don't stock it at the retail places, well, they didn't have it at Robinson's). They are located at:

Suites A-18-3 & A-18-3A,
Level 18, Menara UOA Bangsar
5 Jalan Bangsar Utama 1
phone: 2284 6388

Costs RM40 for the breastshield. So ya, still sitting here with boob full as I write.

Moral of the story:
If you are serious about breastfeeding, get a good quality pump, eventhough they are costly. You don't want to manhandle your boobs and damage your breast tissue. Slack breast tissue = saggy boobs + affects milk production (so I've read). If you can afford it, go for the double pumps - they save time! This would be a definite plus point for me now.

Even better - get those handsfree kits. Then you can pump both boobs at the same time + do other things - check your emails, catch up with friends on chat, etc! You can get compatible handsfree kits, I saw them at Bebehaus @ BV, but I haven't tried. I only have 1 pump after all, so can't vouch for their effectiveness.

Sticky tape over the hole on Swing pump (left) and the Mini Electric pump (right):

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