Am Making A List....

Date: 25 September 2010
by Mommiesaurus

and checked it a few times before going out to Robinson's.

But out of all the things that I had to get from Robinson's and get done while in Gardens, I only accomplished ONE. Doh!
  1. Buy breastmilk storage bags - I've been using ones by The First Years, but they were out of stock. Aiya, how to freeze milk for Babysaurus now.
  2. Buy spare Medela breastshield thing - not sure if the part I need is called that. It's the cone part that fits over the boob, but it's not the full stiff plastic wan (these are called breastshields). It's the one with the soft part that comes in the Medela Swing Pump. The breastshields comes in different sizes to cater to women of various endowments. But they didn't have the one I wanted. The Medela sales lady said that I could get it from their sales office, one of which is located in Menara UOA, Bangsar Baru. Phew - that's convenient enough. 
  3. Buy 1 bag of 1kg foam beads for dad's bean bag from Art Friend - forgot, oops!
  4. Go upsize Babysaurus' two bajus that she got as pressie from the Chateau de Sable shop. Got them in 6 months size which wouldn't fit her for much longer. She's Babysaurus for a reason. They are nice enough to allow you to even swap for other designs and topping up the difference in price, if any. But didn't end up swapping them because they didn't quite have big enough sizes. Have to go check out their sizes and/or designs in the BSC shop. 
  5. Buy concealer for Shu Uemura - Done! Even resisted the temptation to buy more than RM100 in order to get a RM15 cash voucher. 
So that's 1 out of 5 things on the list. Did ended up getting her some spoons in anticipation of starting her on solids in about a month and a bit. A bit apprehensive about starting her on solids, will need to go do a bit more research and read up on solid feeding. Can't believe she was just all swaddled up in a bundle and opening her mouth to be fed (like little baby birdies) just a few months ago! She's growing up way too fast. Although she is getting more and more fun.... booo hooo :(

the Pigeon spoons that have soft silicon tips (on the left) and the combi fork and spoon set that comes in a carrying case :)

Oh yea, Mommiesaurus also bought this mesh teething contraption that comes with a cooling gel bit at the bottom that keeps the food in the mesh cold from Sydney. Haven't used this, as she's not really teething yet. Just wondering though, if she does start teething before she starts on solids, do I put, say, mashed bananas into this thing for her anyways? Help. 

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