Miss my relatives

Date: 24 September 2010
by Mommypixie

My parents got invited to my Li Gor's 40th wedding anniversary in Muar. Since I was back in JB, I tagged along.

Along the way to Muar. Some of the houses are very nicely done up and colourful. and the vast land!

Did not realise how much I miss seeing my uncles, aunts and cousins!

My Si Jim said Isla.X is a mini me. "Just like you only that she is fair but you were dark skinned."

My cousin asked if Isla.X looked like the Daddy, only to say "Oh, when she cries, she looks like you."

My parents will tell all the relatives the things Isla.X can accomplish. It's so cute to hear them say such things...like..."She can call Ah Ma this morning! Finally learned how to say
Ah Ma. Oh..she can't say Ah Gong yet." gushes my mum.

My dad kept saying, "let Ah Gong carry you." to relieve me so that I can eat.

Miss my Tua Gor. She was dishing out advise on how to care for Isla.X, an
d wanted to carry her. But Isla.X, as usual, would refuse such a loving request by resting her head on my shoulder and clasping her hands gently at the back of my neck, forming a tight embrace, causing my heart to melt each time.

Some cousins thought Isla.X is a boy.

One cousin asked to confirm that i am who i am cos i look so small that h
e thought i am my younger sister.

Both my parents have big immediate families. Our own family used to live with my Grandparents till I was about 5 years old. When our family moved when I was five, we would still stay over at my Grandparents' place every weekend when they were still around and we grew up with our cousins and uncles and aunts. Now, we only see each other whenever there are weddings or parties. We all say we should see each other more often but realistically, quite unable to do so.

The least I can do is to try my best for Isla.X to grow up with my sisters' kids. and let her get to see her other cousins during CNY.

Isla.X enjoying the scenery.

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