Breastmilk Storage Bags

Date: 27 September 2010 
by Mommiesaurus

Just an update on breastmilk storage bags since this post. Found this brand from Korea in Bebehaus at Bangsar Village. Looks ok - pre-sterilised and everything. More expensive too, RM45 for 30bags. Think ones by The First Years were RM49 for 50 bags*. But definitely still cheaper than Medela breastmilk storage bags - RM89 for 20 bags(!!).

Korean disposable breast milk storage bags

Also the lady at the shop said that you could use the Little Moms bottles in the freezer as well. We have a dozen of those. They store up to 5oz per bottle. We got them in a pack of 6x5oz bottles and 2x2oz bottles when Babysaurus was first born. The 2oz bottles were real confidence boosters when I first started expressing. A 2oz bottle almost full sure looks much better than the same amount of milk in a 5oz bottle! :)

Babysaurus' bottles of EBM in the Little Moms bottles

*correction: after thinking about it, I think I may have it wrong. Think it's RM49 for 25 bags of the ones from The First Years. Sorry - baby brains! 

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