Date: 24 March 2011
by Mommypixie

While getting Isla.X ready for sleep tonight, changing into pjs, the Daddy mentioned something that happened while we were parents-to-be about 2 years ago.

The Daddy: Remember what the doctor said about her head?

Mommypixie: What about the head?

The Daddy: Remember that her head was large and we asked how?

Mommypixie: Her head was large? (which pd said that?) What did the doctor said?

The Daddy: The doctor said, just buy her a bigger hat!


Yah. Now I remember. (It's the obstetrician lah, not doctor. No wonder I can't recall.)

During one of the routine ultra sound scan, it was measured that her head circumference was larger than average while her limbs were shorter than average. So we were concerned.

The obst was this old professor from XieHe Hospital in Beijing. She is simply wonderful, handling our concern is such a humorous and thoughtful way. 

Isla.X's head circumference has always been larger than average. 

Even now, she could not wear the size 26 t-shirt from the childcare centre as her head could not fit through the collar. So she is wearing a size 28 t-shirt which is much too big for her body.

Oh well. Such is life.

Perhaps the shirt can be better designed.

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