Bus stops

Date: 25 March 2011
by Mommypixie

Slightly freaking out while in the bus.

Last Saturday, we decided to take the bus to a nearby chicken rice place for dinner. 

When we reached the bus stop and sat down, Isla.X started crying and fussing!

Oh my, Mommypixie immediately said,"No, we are not going to school. We are taking the bus to have our dinner." 

This is how much she loves (hates) going to school. 

We take the bus to school (a.k.a childcare centre), which is just one bus stop away.

Even then, Isla.X is not convinced and remained quite apprehensive. So much so that Mommypixie took quite a lot of photos of her looking concerned.

To me, it is a few minutes of peace. Ha! Silver lining. 

The Daddy just found it amusing. 

Isla.X only lightened up after passing a few bus stops and the scene looked decidedly different.

Btw, Isla.X always clings onto me when I am in the bus with her when I send her to school in the morning. And will start fussing and crying and say, Ma Ma, Jin Qu (Ma Ma, go in, meaning she wants me to to into the centre and keep her company) after we alight. 

Therefore, I am delaying starting full day childcare till April. Even then, I am in favour of putting her in just 3 full days instead of 5 full days as earlier planned.

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