Pigeon Bowl Set review

Date: 1 November 2010
by Mommypixie

I kept giving the bowl and spoon a chance to proof its worth.

And today, it did. After 1.5 months. (Most of the time the bowl, plate, spoon and fork were kept in the drawer).

The good: Isla.X can comfortably and easily use this set to eat her porridge. Yeah!

But it will take her quite some time to finish her porridge because the spoon is really small. Check the surface area!

The bad: It performs poorly when it comes to scooping rice and noodles for us. After Isla.X manages to place the rice and noodles onto the spoon, somewhere between the bowl and her mouth, part of the content would have fallen out because of the small surface area and it is made too shallow, imo.

Conclusion: Mommypixie will use the set to let Isla.X practice self feeding porridge. Other times, will use the bowl and plate independently as they are colourful, well made and of a good size. The spoon will be kept in the cutlery drawer mainly.

As for the fork, Mommypixie left it in Malaysia and guess will let Isla.X have a go at it much later.

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