Catching up!!!

Date: 7 November 2010
by Mommiesaurus!

I had a draft of a milestone update blog post in my phone, which I had started but never got to finish. And then had some other thoughts in my head to put into words since then but never got to it.

Have read that six month old babies are a joy to be around - they are smiley, social, makes cute noises and not quite mobile yet so they will still kinda stay where you leave them. And that's what Babysaurus has been the past week or so! She is getting quite fun. :) Here's a quick run down of what's happened so far:

Rolled over! 
Yupps.... on 28 October 2010. She convincingly rolled over unassisted from back to tummy! and there's no stopping her now. wants to roll over when trying to change her, roll over in her sleep (and wake herself up!), roll over while nursing. She's started getting quite strong and in the span of a week or so, started getting quite proficient getting on all fours, and doing some kinda of a leapfrog like movement. Very cute. She's only going backwards now but think she might be on the move rather soon *gulps*.

Started solids
Started her last weekend, with Bellamy's Organic Baby Rice. So... official weaning begins. :( Not sure I like that word as it implies some sort of a separation process between mommy and baby. Anyhoo, she was quite adventurous, ended up finishing the 2 teaspoon meal of baby rice cereal. :) She also attempted to eat the bowl when it was brought too close to her face. hehe... all in all, a successful first solids meal, I would think. Since then, she's had avocado (didn't like it as first, but got to like it at the right consistency), banana - well it's only been a week and we're adhering to the 4-day gap.

Cuts her first tooth
One tiny but sharp little fella on the lower front. She was gnawing on Daddysaurus' hand when he felt something sharp and when we checked - it was there, alright! haha... quite cute - and bit difficult to get a photo of at the mo.

Went swimming
She's gone "swimming" in the bathtub at her grandparents' house before but since she was getting too long for the depth of the bathtub, thought we might give it a try in the big pool. Was worried about chlorine and dirt in the pool, but figured it'd be cleaner than any other public pool. The first time, we got her half a body in the pool before she started wailing. hahaha.... I put it down to being already slightly tired plus the water was cool - even for me when I went in. AND, she was naked, like how she was when we put her in the bathtub.

The next try - she went into the pool! With a one piece zip up swim suit, kinda like a rashie wet suit and her neck floatie. It was earlier in the day, so it was warmer but not sunny. But her enthusiasm seemed short lived, as she kinda looked like she was ready for the next pool soon. haha...

That's all I can remember for now! Hope to be more updated with her developments!

Bellamy's organic baby rice - available at the organic section of Village Grocer, BV

She's put this in her mouth too! hehe.... 

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