Date: 14 November 2010
by Mommypixie

I brought Isla.X to a Kindermusik summer camp in August, a short 5 lessons camp. There the toddlers will shake and move to the music. I don't think Isla.X learned much cos she can't concentrate. She would look, then think, and then run off to explore the place. And she missed one lesson.

Having said that...the only thing I religiously apply was the packing up song.

When the teacher is keeping things away, we will sing this song:

"Shakers (or whatever that you are keeping away) away, shakers away, gently keep the shakers away"

I continued to sing this for a few weeks after the summer camp when encouraging her to pack things away at home cos it seemed to stick with her.

Now that Isla.X can listen to instructions better, I only have to tell her to pack things away without having to sing this song.

Today, while I was surfing the net and keeping Isla.X occupied by letting her play* with this pencil holder (see picture below), imagine my surprise when my ayi (our helper) said to me:"Isla.X seems to be saying bye bye to the pens and pencils while packing them away. Look!"

(*Note on play: Playing with the holder, previously, involved Isla.X either throwing all the contents out in a go or taking them out one by one but it always ended with Mommypixie picking them up and putting them back.)

So, money well spent? She picked up one skill!

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