Conversations overheard...

Date: 12 November 2010
by Mommiesaurus

"Eh, where you going?! come back here.. don't roll over...."

"Oooooouuuuchhhhhh..... leeeetttttt goooooooooooo........."

"aiyooookkkkkkssssss.... come and finish your milk first"

"oi! don't pinch the milk duct! owwwwwwww"

If you were in the room next door to the baby room (that's usually my father-in-law, wonder what he thinks is going on...) where I sometimes feed Babysaurus, the above is the kinda of monologue one is privy to.

Since she's started rolling over, she does it anytime she's placed on her back, yes - including while I'm trying to nurse her. aiyo.

Since she's gotten better at grasping things, she likes to close her little fingers around the boob while she's feeding. Earlier it was just placed there, kinda like she's holding the boob while she feeds, now she just wants to grab at it, and she has a rather strong and SHARP grab, what with her very sharp nails.... oouuuuuchhhhhhhhhhh....... have little scratch marks to prove it.

She can also raise her legs up in the air and grab her toes while she's feeding... what a multitasker. hahaha..... takes after her mom (in terms of multitasking ability la)

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