Sleep 2 - When is bedtime?

Date: 9 October 2010
by Mommypixie

It is interesting how you start to exchange notes about your sleeping hours, baby's poo, feeding and sleeping schedule and quota once you become a mother. And how these things invariably beome the most important issues in your life and everything else fades in comparison.

So I guess it is still blog material if I were to talk about sleep again.

Isla.X tells mommypixie when it is bedtime.

@15 months in JB, she would say, "Nei nei... ah..." which means she wants her bedtime feed, waves to everyone and either points or walks towards the staircase that leads to our bedrooms. This indicates to me that she wants to retire to bed.

@14 months in BJ, after requesting for her milk, she walked to the dark bedroom on her own and attempted to climb up the bed, which signals bedtime to me.

@12-13 months, we sent her to bed when she started being clumsy in her walk, falling down while walking, bumping into things or tipping her whole body over, ending up with her head her head landing on the floor while she does a handstand. Okay, so she doesn't quite do a handstand. What really happens is she would squat down, put both hands on the floor and somehow, tip over head down first. We reckon her head is heavy which resulted in a lost of balance.

We never did have a strict bedtime routine for her. Will write about why in subsequent posts.

In the meantime, here are some photos of her sleeping:

@ 10 days

@ 1 month

@ 4 months. This was when I decided to continue co-sleeping. She turned to my side of the bed! Tucking her hand underneath my pillow. Melts my heart.

@ 6 months, she started sleeping on her chest

@ 15 months. 
About 1.5 weeks ago, she started to settle down on my tummy to fall asleep, armed with the pacifier, her bolster, and her bedtime story book. Don't know why she does that but i do enjoy this closeness.

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