Babysaurus Gets a Passport

Date: 5 October 2010
by Mommysaurus

This is what we did to get Babysaurus a passport:

After (almost impossibly) finding a carpark spot in Pusat Bandar Damansara, put Babysaurus in a sling and carry her upstairs to where they process passports. This is on the middle block at the far side, behind where McDonald's is.

Go and get Babysaurus' passport photo taken at one of the many shops that do passport photos. Here, put Babysaurus on a high stool while Mommysaurus sits on the shorter stool to hold Babysaurus up.

Get told by all the lovely kakaks that Babysaurus is "sihat-nye".... yah, she's Babysaurus ma.

If you haven't already done so, get copies of Babysaurus' birth certificate photocopied. You will also need a copy of Mommysaurus' or Daddysaurus' I/C for the passport registration. You can do it outside the shop that does the passport photos.

Go up the escalator to the first floor, proceed to the furthest counter on the right to get a form from an officer.

Fill up the form, attach copies of birth certificate and parent's IC to form and stick one Babysaurus's first passport photo on the form.

Proceed to counter 8 (if not mistaken), to show the officer all the documents you have who will then give you a number.

Sit down and wait to be called so that Babysaurus can make a payment for new passport.

After sitting for a while, walk around with Babysaurus in sling to where the fan is to stay cool, while checking out the other babies.

Meanwhile, call Auntysaurus, who works nearby, to come and entertain Babysaurus and buy McDonald's for Mommysaurus while they wait.

After payment, come back with Babysaurus in an hours' time.

Bring Babysaurus to collection counter so she can pick up her first passport!

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