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Has it been that long already? I had better look at my bills too! (after note: yes, i missed some bill payments)

Well, was caught in the Singapore General Elections fever and spent way too much time trawling the net for GE related videos, such as jokes and spoof of the then incumbent MPs. And then I got way too busy with my girl, who was fast turning two.

Well, she is 25 months old now. And how fun she is!

She started asking the "Why" questions a few days ago, just before she turned 25 months.


Isla.X: Why did you leave the bedroom door opened?

Mommypixie: Because I want to keep the cold air in.

Isla.X: Why do you want to keep the cold air in?

Mommypixie: So that the room would be cold.

(Good thing she stopped there. and the above conversation was in mandarin.)

She can point out airplanes in the sky, during the day and at night!

(You see, we stay near the airport and could see airplanes blinking away in the sky at night. We were out one night and while in the car, she pointed towards the sky and said 'Fei Qi' and me, thought I could play along, looked up, and really saw a plane!)

She would say to the Grandma:"Be careful okay?" when the Grandma was walking on a pavement which has an open drain.

She also said:"Daddy, be careful okay?" when the Daddy accidentally hurt his foot, which made the Daddy really happy.

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