Date: 25 May 2011
by Mommiesaurus

You were expecting an update on Babysaurus, rite? But this post is about the absent minded stuff that  Mommiesaurus did today:

1. told Daddysaurus to take the parking card from Mommysaurus' car before walking out the door, then walked out the door, loaded the boot and drove off without passing the parking card to Daddysaurus!

2. was suppose to go by the bank to run an errand on the way home but decided to do it after lunch and on the way back to the office - got to the office later and then realised had forgotten to do that errand! doh!!

sheeeeetsss... now Mommiesaurus forgot what was item no. 3....???? Can you tell that there are alot of things on my mind?

oh the other day, wore a close toed pair of shoes to get mani and pedi done - DOH! good thing Daddysaurus was kind enough to drop off a pair of slippers....

now what was no. 3????

ou yea! wasted a bottle of pumped milk today - pumped and then forgot to put it in the fridge before heading back to the office. DOH!

and this looks pretty damn good: 


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