Childcare Update 1

Date: 15 April 2011
by Mommypixie

After about 15 lessons or so at her childcare centre, Isla.X suddenly can manage to allow the teachers to carry her and wave bye bye to me when I drop her off at the centre.

The first day she did that, which was in the second half of March, my heart broke.

Well, I should be jumping for joy cos it makes morning drop offs more pleasant and less worrying for me but one BIG part of me doesn't really enjoy seeing her willing to edge her body forward, stretching out her arms to the teacher and letting the teacher carry her! (actually, I was very taken aback and shocked when she did that.)(but I must say my horror only lasted a split second.)

The only consolation was that when her body turned towards me to wave me bye bye, her eyes were really teary and she was reluctant to say bye bye to me, with a frown and her mouth was shaped into a very obvious upside down U.

Though my heart was crying, I gave her my happy look and chirped bye to her with a lively wave and turned and walked away.

It is good for the both of us, I figured.

Wonder how the transformation took place.
Was it because:
- she really got used to the idea?
- that her grandpa and grandma had been drumming in the 'school's fun' idea into her? and not to cry at school?
- that she can relate to the idea of "see you later, alligator"?

All of the above ba.

I felt lost for a good part of that morning.

When I picked her up a few hours later, she was the usual crying baby, shouting Ma Ma Ma Ma, and dashing towards me.
That gave me much comfort.
That my girl still needs and longs for me.

Isn't this whole childcare thingy such a big training on your nerves and emotions?

(side track: Isla.X just woke up from her sleep. She sat up and patted her bolster a few times, and went back to sleep. She is maturing so much each day! More on that in later posts)(She just turned 22 months yesterday).

(some background on her number of childcare days: although she started childcare after the Chinese New Year and was enrolled for 3 half days per week, she doesn't have full attendance due to our visits to malaysia where we would stay for a few days, and sickness, thus missing lessons).

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