1st day at childcare

Date: 5 March 2011
by Mommypixie

Playing at the slides. (I can't get the photos in chronological order. The order is reversed.)

Isla.X is the one being carried by the Teacher at the far left end when i went to pick her up.

Cheeky in the morning. She was excited cos she gets to use her green bag bag too. And even managed a pose like this. Wonder where she learn that from.

She could not believe her luck that she gets to go out so early in the morning. Gave me a really co-operative smiling pose.

Isla.X was really excited when Mommypixie was getting her ready to school. She likes the idea of school.

About 5 days before her actual day at school, I started telling her that she would be going to school, learning skills, making new friends and having fun toys to play with. After introducing the idea of school to her, I asked if she would like to go to school, which she had visited twice with me, she nodded her head. A pretty good start!

Then, about 2 days before D day, I told her the truth....that Mommypixie would be working while she is at school. When she heard that, she shook her head, indicating that she doesn't like the idea of going to school without me. Oh well.

On the day of school, while getting her dressed, she was really happy.

And she was still happy when I reached the childcare centre and passed her to Teacher Fen while Teacher Sam attended to me with the logistics of getting her diapers, snacks and water bottle. Teacher Fen and Isla.X then disappeared into the childcare centre.

So all was well!

Until I asked if I should say Bye to my girl, and Teacher Sam said no, she is fine, she's just in there and I asked if I can take a peek and Teacher Sam said yes.

So I went into the centre and well, Isla.X was actually brought upstairs cos Teacher Fen thought that she will be joining the younger toddlers but in fact she should be with the group downstairs so when I stepped in, Teacher Fen was carrying her down and we bumped into each other at the stairs! Isla.X was still smirking at that point.

I did not know how to react and decided to just calmly waved to Isla.X and said:"See you later, alligator!" (avoiding the word 'bye') and Isla.X, immediately upon hearing this, wailed! and wanted me to carry her.

Such a big boo boo.....and I had to 'run' out of the centre....

and heard her crying and shouting for mommy on the way out!

When I went to pick her up 2.5 hours later, during their lunch hour at 12 noon, she was sobbing, eyes red, nose running and holding on to her water bottle for her dear life.

When she saw me, she cried some more and then stopped and was in her element again.

She showed me where to sit, asked me to eat the meal, fed me, showed me the place and the birds, played with the slides, and was smiling.

I was told that she did not take part in any of the activities and was crying on and off.

So, this was how it went on the first day. :)

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