'Me' Time

Date: 13 December 2010 
(draft dated 1 Dec 2010)
by Mommiesaurus

Got to thinking about 'me' time the other day while chatting with another new mommy. We were talking about how it was important to get some 'me' time once in a while, even with new baby around. She was saying how she had only just gone shopping for herself after so many months since arrival of baby. She was in the same boat as me - breastfeeding had brought about the arrival of new boobies. So new tops/blouses were quite crucial needs for the wardrobe.

But I joked that shopping for our stuff quickly becomes shopping for baby stuff, as their stuff were so much more exciting, and so much cuter! :P

So 'me' time turns into baby time, even when baby is not around! Although one could argue that shopping  is therapeutic irregardless of who you are buying for.

My 'me' time consists of the following activities:
  • extended shower times. where I don't have to rush out to rescue Babysaurus from Daddysaurus' arms when she's crying; 
  • quiet time spend surfing. usually early in the morning when am awake to pump while both Babysaurus and Daddysaurus are still sound asleep, I get so spend some time surfing the internet. 
  • running. I try to run about 3x a week for about an hour at least each time and this is definitely some 'me' time that I get to daydream about things. I realise that my back is also less sore and feels 'looser' (vs being tight) after a good pounding on the road... aaaa... 

Some other stuff that I would like to spend some time on: 
  • a pedicure. whether DIY or at the saloon. toes nails have been looking rather pale and ugly. usually I do my own, as I have a set of OPI manicuring tools that I have invested in, but I have not had the time to sit down and just fix up them toe nails. 
  • restart my jewellery making. ya, what seems like a once a time ago, I used to make jewellery and sell them as a hobby. I wouldn't call it a part time business since the money I make from it merely covers what I spend on buying raw materials! Anyhoo, been looking at some really delicious looking jewellery trends and wish to let loose some creative play to make bib necklaces, chunky bracelets and big bold earrings. 
What do you moms do for 'me' time?

P.S. also wanted to proof a point about the irony of this blog post being about 'me' time but it was in draft since 1 Dec 2010. 

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