Let me count the ways

Date: 1 October 2010
by Mommypixie

Debated over how to title this post. It was between "Child salvery", "How to keep a tot occupied" and "Let the count the ways".

Decided that it was neither the first two options cos it wasn't child salvery. and it was more "how to keep the caregivers entertained" rather than keeping the tot occupied.

So, presenting, How do I find you cute? Let me count the ways number one.

The Grandma said Isla.X knows how to wipe off spilled milk. Isla.X knocked down the milk bottle one day and as the bottle rolled, left a trail of milk on the floor. Isla.X then went off to get a rug to wipe it all away. So when the bottle knocking episode happened again, I was ready with the recorder.

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