Hair Hair Hair Everywhere....

Date: 23 September 2010
by Mommiesaurus

My hair is dropping like there's no tomorrow. :(

Everytime I wash my hair, there seems to be not enough that will keep coming out when I run my fingers through my hair. :( Starting to feel a bit bald and developing a widow's peak... *cries*

It started falling out I think about 2 months after delivery. But more of it is dropping now. If you didn't know this already, hormones that courses through your body while you are pregnant syncs the hair growth and falling out cycles. So instead of some hairs falling out naturally while others are in the growth phase, they are synched to be in the non-falling out phase while baby grows in belly.

That is the medical reason for the thick and glossy crowning glory while some ladies are pregnant. I think you can get a better description of it if you just googled 'hair loss pregnancy'. But that's the gist of it. Hope it starts growing back soon... for babysaurus too... she looks cuter with more hair :)

Hair that's in the bin (left) and hair in the shower trap after 1 shower (right):

Babysaurus' bald patch at the back of her head:

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